6 Best Screws For Aluminum in 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

Aluminum is an essential metal that comes in handy for various reasons like metalworking, housebuilding, etc. We often need to connect aluminum pieces together, but unfortunately, they aren’t sticky at all!

However, with the best screws for aluminum, you’ll be able to stick them together firmly without damaging them!

The average screws will not be adequate for this metal, so you’re going to need special ones that can be swiftly drilled into them. If you work with the wrong type, you won’t be able to finish your job right, and they might fall out.    

With our recommendations and buying guide, you’ll have it easier to find plenty of fantastic screws that will make your life easier!

Here’s Our Top Choice Table:



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Bolt Dropper Stainless Hex Washer Head Self Drilling Screws

Strong-Point Phillips Truss Head Self-Drilling Tek Screw

Hillman 35263 Hex Washer-Head Self-Piercing Screws


Hilitchi 410 Stainless Steel Phillips Self Drilling Screws

Screws for Aluminum - Comparison Chart


Head Style

Drive System


Bolt Dropper Stainless  

Hex Washer Head

External Hex

Stainless Steel

Strong-Point Phillips Truss

Modified Truss



Hillman 35263

Hex Washer Head





External Hex


Hilitchi 410 Stainless Steel  

Flat Head


Stainless Steel

Small Parts 1016KWTF Steel 


Star or Torx


6 Best Screws for Aluminum Reviews

The following screws are designed for smoothly penetrating aluminum objects and keeping them connected. They were chosen after extensive research.

1. Bolt Dropper Stainless Hex Washer Head Self Drilling Screws

Bolt Dropper Stainless Hex Washer Head Self Drilling Screws

The first pack of stainless steel screws comes from Bolt Dropper, a reputed manufacturer praised for offering high-quality products and customer service. They come with a plethora of features and keep the applications secure and dependable with ease.

Each of the 100 washer head screws boasts a pure 410 stainless steel build. So, they are extremely rugged and provide excellent resistance against corrosion and rust. You can apply them in a wide range of environments, including indoor, outdoor, saltwater, freshwater, etc.

These fasteners will smoothly penetrate a variety of objects like aluminum, wood, and more, so you’ve got versatility in check! Thanks to the self-drilling tips, you won’t have to pre-drill at all. They’ll quickly make their way into the base material by cutting through the sheet metal like butter!

You’ll find it easy to work with them as well. All you have to do is set it up on a drill, and you’d be ready to fasten!

No matter what sort of project you’ve got, these items are perfect for all! You can depend on them to hold your metal or wooden pieces together without any trouble. With outstanding quality, reasonable price, and a fantastic guarantee from the manufacturer, it’s easily one of the best screws for aluminum boat.

Highlighted Features:

  • Built with marine-grade 410 stainless steel for offering superior durability.
  • Boasts self-drilling tips for eliminating the need for pre-drilling.
  • Capable of resisting corrosion and rust with ease.
  • Easier to work with and designed to fit a wide range of application.

2. Strong-Point Phillips Truss Head Self-Drilling Tek Screw

Strong-Point Phillips Truss Head Self-Drilling Tek Screw

This set of truss head sheet metal screws from Strong-Point is perfect for using on sheet metals, including aluminum. It offers fantastic durability and amazing fastening performance so that you can finish your projects efficiently. These screws won’t cause any damage to the thin metal sheets!

Featuring an extra-wide truss head, each item is capable of distributing the pressure so that the chance of crushing the thin metallic objects is reduced. In the box, you will find 100 screws. They are all incredibly durable as they’re built with solid stainless steel material. So, they’re tough enough to last a long time!

Moreover, each fastener comes complete with zinc plating for strong protection against rust and corrosion. You can even use them in wet and outdoor environments.

They’re sure to secure metallic and wooden objects with wonderful efficiency. After securing, you won’t have to worry about them coming off or getting unhooked!  

No pre-drilling will be necessary as these things come with self-drilling tips. You’ll be able to do the drilling and fastening at the same time, saving you both time and effort! So, this is a pretty convenient product. You can grab them right away as they’re priced quite reasonably!

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with solid stainless steel construction for offering strength.
  • Sports zinc plating for ensuring strong protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Features modified truss head for securing thin metal without crushing.
  • Self-drilling tips allow drilling and fastening simultaneously.

3. Hillman 35263 Hex Washer-Head Self-Piercing Screws

 Hillman 35263 Hex Washer-Head Self-Piercing Screws

Hillman 35263 Hex Washer Head Screws will flawlessly pierce into metal like aluminum and securely keep the thin metal sheets together. Besides metal, this model is suitable for applying on wood, plastic, and fiberglass objects with ease. Combined with Hillman’s customer service, this is a great option!

The first thing that you’ll notice is the unique washer head design with a larger diameter. It’s not there just for cosmetic purposes.

Thanks to it, each screw is capable of offering aggressive threads for ensuring a strong and watertight fitting. The white painting allows the fasteners to blend easily with other hardware and components.

Created with high-quality stainless steel material, the items are superbly strong and durable. They can make their way into metal and wood with ease and without faltering. The zinc plating enhances durability by offering fantastic corrosion and rust resistance.

Its sharp and point self-drilling tips make these screws self-piercing units. As a result, you won’t have to waste any time with pre-drilling. You can do the drilling and fastening simultaneously without any hassle. You’ll be saving a lot of time and effort this way. Aided by the sharp threads, the objects will be secured firmly.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features larger diameter and aggressive threads for ensuring a tight finish.
  • Created with sturdy stainless steel for enhanced durability.
  • Boasts zinc plating for allowing the screws to resist corrosion with ease.
  • Comes with a self-piercing design for quick penetration and fastening.



ACORN International has a strong presence in the hardware industry, thanks to its constant supply of high-quality products. This screw set is one of the best screws for aluminum siding and other projects as it offers decent features and features. You’ll be completing your projects with impressive efficiency!

Made from superior C1022 steel that’s heat-treated, these screws and are incredibly strong and powerful. They are specially hardened for allowing you to use them for siding as well as roofing applications. You’ll be surprised by this unit’s piercing power.

You’ll get a secure and durable seal as the screws wonderfully conform to the metal. As they’re self-piercing, you won’t have any trouble in driving them into metal or wood. There won’t be any need for pre-drilling either.

Aided by the type 17-point twin-lead combined with the hi-lo threads, these fasteners offer quick driving. Furthermore, they also offer enhanced pullout resistance.

For ensuring strong resistance to corrosion, this set comes with powder coating over the compelling dacron base coating. So, you can expect it to last a pretty long time!

The 250 screws arrive in a heavy-duty re-sealable packaging where you can store them safely without exposing them to damaging elements.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features hi-lo threads for offering amazing resistance to pullout.
  • Heat-treated C1022 steel offers incredible strength and durability.
  • Comes with dacron and powder coating for providing corrosion resistance.
  • Self-piercing design offers simultaneous drilling and fastening.
  • Comes with re-sealable packing for offering added protection.

5. Hilitchi 410 Stainless Steel Phillips Self Drilling Screws

Hilitchi 410 Stainless Steel Phillips Self Drilling Screws

This flat head screw kit from Hilitchi comes with impressive quality and features. Although made for steel structure caigang, it’s also suitable for light construction with sheet metals. Sporting 240 pieces of screws, you’ll have more than enough items for competing your projects with ease.

These self-drilling screws will smoothly stick into the wood even when there are no pre-drilled holes. They can drill their way into the objects as soon as you use decent drilling equipment. Its self-tapping fasteners will securely hold the objects together and offer strong pullout resistance.

This hardware kit boasts 410 stainless steel construction. That means you will get outstanding strength and durability from it. You will find 6 different sized screws, so it’s suitable for a wide range of projects. They are capable of resisting corrosion and rust as well, so they will be long-lasting.

Arriving in a sturdy transparent storage case, you can store the components in an organized manner. This way, you’ll be able to access them whenever you want without losing them. Besides, the case offers better protection from outside elements. All in all, these things work just fine, so they’re highly reliable.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in six different sizes for serving multiple purposes.
  • Offers secure hold of the objects after smoothly cutting through them.
  • Made with 410 stainless steel for offering reliable strength and durability.
  • Equipped with a transparent case that keeps the screws safe and organized.

6. Small Parts 1016KWTF Steel Self-Drilling Screw

Small Parts 1016KWTF Steel Self-Drilling Screw

The Small Parts 1016KWTF screw set is easy to work with and ensures remarkable resistance to pullout. It cuts through most workpieces, including aluminum, with excellent smoothness. Once you connect multiple objects with this thing, they will stay that way for a long time.

This one features a wafer head for creating a flush fit, leaving no gaps at all! On top of it, you’ll find a more reliable star drive. The drive boasts a 6-pointed indentation that offers a larger and better contact area for the driver tool. As a result, it will be super-easy and comfortable to work with!

Each screw is highly durable, thanks to its sturdy construction with high-quality steel material. In addition to that, they also sport zinc plating for resisting corrosion and rust effectively. They’re strong enough to cut through aluminum without faltering, and they’ll last a long time.

Being self-drilling, you won’t have to drill any pilot holes because they are capable of drilling their own holes. So, you’ll have it easier to use these fasteners. You can use them to fasten both wood and metal without any problem.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with wafer head for offering airtight fit.
  • Features star drive on the head for offering efficient driving.
  • Offers excellent durability aided by the steel construction.
  • Sports zinc plating for enhancing durability by offering rust-resistance.
  • Boasts self-drilling design for handling metal.

Screws for Aluminum - A Complete Buying Guide

Screws for Aluminum - A Complete Buying Guide

Buying the right screws for aluminum isn’t a tough job if you’re aware of the set of criteria that must be met. You can easily order them online from the comfort of your home or get them from the nearby hardware store. Just make sure to consider the following things before ordering.  

Material & Coating

If you want to penetrate aluminum, you’re going to have to choose a high-quality screw. It must be made with tough materials that can easily pierce with metal. Stainless steel makes the most durable screw sets, so if possible, go for high-quality stainless steel products.

Furthermore, your fastener should come with a reliable coating that keeps it protected against rust and corrosion. For instance, the zinc-plated coating can effectively fend off moisture while making the screw appear eye-catching and long-lasting!


The head is comprised of two different units, and it is definitely one of the most important parts of a screw. It will determine how well the screw fits your project and how easy it is to work with. So, it will definitely pay off to be careful about choosing the right head type.

Drive Type

A screw drive is simply a design on top of the head that allows the screw to be turned using the screwdrivers or other tools. It comes in various types. Flathead, Phillips, square drive, etc., are the most common options. You should choose whichever suits you the most.    

Head Shape

Most screws designed for aluminum come with a washer head, truss head, or flathead shapes. They offer different sets of advantages. For instance, the washer head distributes the weight to protect the surface from getting damaged. Screws with truss head are more suitable for keeping the thin metal sheets undamaged.


Different projects require different-sized screws. You can’t get anything done with a screw that’s too long or too short. It has to be just right if you want to complete your tasks successfully. So, make sure to consider the size and diameter of the screw before buying.


Screws are commonly available with two kinds of threads. One is the coarse thread, and the other is the fine threads. The coarse threaded screws come with larger gaps between the threads, and they’re mostly suitable for plywood and drywall.

Fine threaded screws, on the other hand, have tighter gaps and offer higher tensile strength. They’re stronger than coarse threaded screws and easily penetrates hardwood and metal. However, they’re also slightly more expensive.


The threads are wrapped around the shanks of a screw. They also come with varied thickness. It’s usually determined by numbers like 6, 8, 10. The higher the number, the thicker the shank. You should choose the thickness that fits your needs the most.


Truth be told, the tip of any screw is extremely important when it comes to drilling into aluminum. It must be pointy and sharp enough. The best screws for aluminum come with self-drilling tips. They are the most effective options because they allow you to work without having to drill the holes beforehand.

That’s because they can be easily attached to a drilling tool. Once you’re done, you can take on the drilling and fastening job at the same time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pilot hole?

Pilot hole refers to the pre-drilled hole on an object that can be used to insert the screws. The size of the hole tends to be smaller than the diameter of the threads of a screw.

Should I choose coarse threads or fine threads?

Fine threaded screws will serve you better because they’re stronger and feature tighter threads. They also offer better resistance to pullout, so they won’t loosen up easily.

How much weight can a screw usually hold?

That’s a tough one to answer since it depends on various factors like the size, thread type, quality of the screw, etc. However, in general, a screw should be able to easily hold 80 to 100 pounds.  

What screw should I use for aluminum?

You should get self-tapping or self-drilling screws if you want to apply them on metal. They’re strong enough to cut through metal and work without requiring a pilot hole.

Are they difficult to unscrew?

Screws become harder to unscrew when they’re corroded or rusted—most of the products that we’ve reviewed come with rust and corrosion protection. So, even though they’re extremely resistant to pullout, they can be unscrewed easily when you need to.

Final Words

Choosing the best screws for aluminum is essential if you want to complete your projects right. Finding them can feel like a daunting task since there are so many variants available on the market.

We hope that we’ve managed to alleviate the difficulty in selecting these products with our rich buying guide and informative reviews. Just make sure to consider your needs before buying a screw set.

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