7 Best Reading Lamp for Elderly [Recommendations For 2021]

Best Reading Lamp for Elderly

Deterioration of vision with age is a natural process. Focusing on detail-oriented objects like reading books can become a tough job after a certain age. Putting too much eyestrain may worsen the situation.

We will help you purchase the appropriate lamp so that you can prevent such deterioration and protect your vision.

By investing in a proper reading lamp, you can guarantee eye protection and improvement. But it is easy to get confused by the different types of lights that are available. So we have researched the best ones for you.

Here, we will discuss the best reading lamp for elderly to better understand which product you should purchase.



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Energizer Reading Kindle Lamp

LED Clip Rechargeable Reading Lamp

TECKIN LED Adjustable Reading Lamp

LED Touch Control Desk Lamp

LD1003-BLK Basic Desk Lamp

7 Best Reading Lamp for Elderly Reviews

This review summarized the necessary information about some of the best lamps in the market. Therefore, you will be able to learn about the ideal lights for your needs.

1. Energizer Reading Kindle Lamp

It is not always possible to sit in one place and read at the same spot every time. You may be someone who enjoys reading while you travel. However, a fixed lamp will not help when you move around and do not have a particular reading area.

For such instances, you need a device that has portable properties so that you can read wherever you want at whatever time you prefer.

Energizer Reading Lamp will do precisely that and more. It comes in a compact size and shape so that you can quickly move it around without any hassle. This device will be the perfect option for you if you are someone who travels often.

As it comes with two Energizer CR2032 batteries, you will not have to worry about the power running out as you use it.

If your area contains power outage issues, this device will be your best option. Not only will it be a travel-friendly device, but also it will provide light for an extended period. Furthermore, it comes with unique LED technology. The LED lights will give natural reading conditions.

With the help of such LED light, you will get enough visibility without straining your eyesight. Additionally, it contains a flexible and collapsible neck that you can move to it properly. Overall, this is a top-notch product for your elderly family member.

Highlighted Features:

  • Light source of this product is LED.
  • Compact and travel-friendly device.
  • A built-in and oversize clip is available.
  • Comes with a flexible neck.
  • You will get an optimal beam size.

2. LED Clip Rechargeable Reading Lamp

Technology has improved for our benefit in this modern era, and a rechargeable lamp will enhance your reading experience tenfold.

Herein, the LED Clip Rechargeable Reading Lamp comes with an excellent 1000mAh built-in rechargeable battery. An impressive USB interface design is available with this device. Therefore, you can connect and power it by any USB charger, plug & play, mobile phone adapter, PC/notebook USB port, car USB, etc.

Connection and powering will never be an issue if you choose this reading lamp. Furthermore, it is relatively more comfortable to use. It comes with a clamp holder, which opens at 2.36 inches.

Therefore, you can place it on your desk in a fixed position and comfortably read without worrying if the lamp will fall down or not.

With this product, not only will you save space but also protect your eyes while you read. This product comes with versatility as you can use it with your laptop, PC, kindle, and e-reader.

Get your desired brightness with just a single touch. Among all the available reading lamps for seniors, this product will provide you optimal performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • Device will provide three levels of eye protection.
  • There will be no light flickering.
  • A built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery available.
  • Comes with a clamp holder.
  • You can manage the brightness of the light.

3. TECKIN LED Adjustable Reading Lamp

Are you looking for a modern and stylish-looking reading lamp? Want something that will match your decor and interior design?

We have previously talked about some compact-sized lamps but now let us introduce TECKIN LED product. It comes with a stylish and long design that will blend in with your home environment and upgrade the look.

Aside from its beautiful design, this device will come with a 12-watt energy-saving bulb. The brightness of this bulb is equivalent to an incandescent 100-watt bulb.

You will not have to deal with flickering lights if you choose this device. Due to the energy-efficient and eye-caring features, you will not feel uncomfortable even with long-time usage.

Furthermore, this device comes with additional and optional modes. There is a total of five types of color modes available, and you can choose any of those. Interestingly, you can also change the brightness of each of the modes to four different levels in various environments.

Even though this reading lamp is longer in size and not portable, you can fold or rotate the lamp with the help of a flexible neck and sensitivity control. Therefore, adjusting the lighting angle will not be a hassle anymore. Wherever you wish to read, use the CCT touch button control and set the brightness to your preference.

Highlighted Features:

  • A 12-watt energy-saving LED bulb available.
  • Light will not flicker.
  • Comes with a CCT touch button control.
  • You can manage the brightness level.
  • There are five different color modes available.

4. LED Touch Control Desk Lamp

If you are looking for a top-notch reading lamp for your elderly family member, then you need a product with user-friendly features. In case the lamp is difficult to maneuver or operate, then that will not be feasible. LED Touch Control Desk Lamp will remedy that issue and provide you superior performance.

Finding one lamp that will be perfect for your office, bedside reading table, nightstand, or even as a gift for your loved one can be a difficult thing to do. But with this versatile product, you can get all of that done.

It is excellent for the elderly because it contains three dimming levels alongside a color temperature of 6,500K.

The design of this reading lamp consists of a curved soft board at the head region. As a result of this design, the lamp generates higher refraction, which creates a larger illumination area. Therefore, it will cover a larger working space. You will no longer have to strain your eyes to read books.

Let us set aside the design aspect. The primary purpose of choosing a lamp is to ensure eye care. This product comes with 15 LED beads. Hence, the light provided by this lamp will be clear and non-flickering. Therefore, this one product will both elevate your decor and provide superior eye care.

Highlighted Features:

  • One-touch switch and three dimming levels.
  • A color temperature of 6,500K provides ambiance.
  • You will get a large illumination area.
  • 15 LED beads provide non-flickering light.
  • This has a 360-degree gooseneck design.

5. LD1003-BLK Basic Desk Lamp

The primary problem with conventional bulbs or lights is that they emit too much energy. To conserve more energy, you will have to switch to incandescent lamps.

This type of lamp uses less than 25% energy compared to conventional ones. However, a lower amount of energy does not mean that the brightness is compromised.

Let us introduce the LD1003 BLK reading lamp. It comes with an incandescent light source that will ensure no excess energy usage occurrence.

Moreover, it contains a flexible hose neck that you can use to adjust the light however you want. The plastic base will provide stability, and you will not have to worry about it losing balance.

Furthermore, this device has user-friendly functions, making it one of the best reading lamps for seniors. It comes with a simple and straightforward on/off button or switch located in the lamp's base. The switch is in a convenient position, and your elderly family member will have no trouble reaching out for it.

Now let us focus on the primary function of the lamp. As the shade diameter is 5 inches, there will be plenty of brightness to cover a moderate workspace. You can also use a 60W medium type A bulb for this device. Although the bulb does not come with the product, this type of light is available everywhere.

Highlighted Features:

  • Power source is corded electric.
  • A flexible hose neck is available.
  • Incandescent light source conserves energy.
  • On/Off switch at the base.
  • You will have to use a 60-watt medium type A bulb.

6. Newhouse LED Reading Lamp

With conventional lamps, there is a relatively constant worry about changing the bulbs from time to time. Some run out of energy and become non-functional very soon. We understand how much of a hassle it can be to invest so much time and money and ending up with a product that does not last long.

To remedy that issue, Newhouse LED Reading Lamp comes with excellent longevity. As you have guessed from the name, it contains modern LED lights that you will not have to replace so frequently.

This light can last up to 30,000 hours or even more. Therefore, you will not have to worry about replacement often.

Additionally, it comes with a clamp system that you can use to adjust it in several places. The clamp is strong enough to provide superior versatility. You can use it as your favorite night lamp, book/desk lamp for reading, table lamp, or even reading in bed.

As the clamp approximately opens up to 2 inches, you can use it to clip most of the positions mentioned above.

All in all, this product will provide you energy-efficient light that will last a long time without burning out. Unlike the conventional products in the market, it will offer you a superior suction cup grip for proper support and stability.

Highlighted Features:

  • Suction cup grips provide additional support.
  • You can adjust the gooseneck of the lamp.
  • Easy maneuverability.
  • Warm white LED provides 350 Lumens.
  • Non-flickering natural warm light available.
  • Compact in size and travel-friendly.

7. Fulcrum Wireless Floor Lamp

So far, we have talked about lamps that require cords as the power source. That can prove to be quite a hassle at times. The cords may not be long enough from all angles, and also, it will not allow better stability.

The solution to this problem is a wireless lamp. Fulcrum Wireless Floor Lamp comes with an adapter alongside many features.

One of its notable and exciting features is that it comes with a large magnifying lens. If you have family members who cannot read small letters, this lens will make the text easier to view. The viewing area is 5 inches ultra-wide, and that provides plenty of room to read newspapers, books, journals, or even maps.

Mainly it contains an excellent 6X bifocal lens. Therefore, you will not miss even the smallest details. Additionally, this device comes with a LED floodlight technology that lasts for 100,00 hours. Meaning, you will get brilliant and glare-free illumination for an extended period from 12 floodlight LEDs.

It does not stop there. Although this device is a floor lamp, it comes with a super flexible metal flex neck. You can effortlessly adjust it from 24-42 inches at your workspace, bedside, or your easy-chair. Without a doubt, this device is the best reading lamp for elderly.

Highlighted Features:

  • You can run it on batteries for 60 hours.
  • A metal flex neck provides flexibility.
  • This device contains LED floodlight technology.
  • Comes with a 6X bifocal lens.
  • There is a built-in light that ensures proper visibility.
  • Ideal for people who suffer from eyestrain.

Reading Lamps For Elderly Comparison Chart

Brand Name

Neck Flexibility

Light Source

Clamp Holder





LED Clip








LED Touch






Type A bulb





Contains suction cup





Reading Lamp for Elderly Buying Guide

Reading Lamp for Elderly Buying Guide

You can use a good quality reading light not only for reading but also for crafting, sketching, writing, and detail-oriented works. Therefore, you have to look out for specific features to ensure that you get a versatile lamp.

Here we are listing the primary features a lamp should contain.


There are different types of lamps available that have various features. You will have to choose a lamp depending on your needs. The two primary types you will mostly find available are floor and desk lamps.

Floor Lamps

You will see brighter light and wider illumination if you choose this type. Aside from a brighter light beam, it also comes with a more flexible and adjustable height range. This type of device will provide a multi-angle neck so that you can direct the light to your targeted area.

Desk Lamps

As you can guess from the name, this type of lamp comes in compact and smaller shapes so that you can keep it neatly near your workspace.

While floor lamps can be convenient if you have enough space, the desk lamp will provide travel-friendly features. You can quickly move it or take it with you whenever you feel like it.


Certain types of lamps are perfect for senior citizens because they have portable features. If you have a favorite place to sit, relax, and read a book, then lamps that are compact and contain clips will be a better option.

For example, the Newhouse LED lamp comes with a unique suction cup grip feature that provides better stability.


If you search for the best lamp for your senior family member, you have to look out for the magnifier feature. Even with high power glasses, my elderly family member cannot see all the small letters correctly. If you have a family member facing the same issue, then go for a lamp that comes with a magnifier lens.

If you choose a product like that, you can ensure both bright light and additional lens to help the person in need. We suggest the Fulcrum wireless LED lamp. It contains a 6X bifocal lens, which magnifies letters and helps to relieve eyestrain.

User-Friendly Buttons

Since you are looking for a product for your elderly member, a less complicated yet good option will be to choose the ones with a simple on/off button. This way, the elderly citizen will not have to bend over to use the functions.

A product like the LD1003-BLK Basic lamp with a switch and flexible neck will help remedy this issue.


This section will discuss both the light level and the adjustability of the lamp’s neck.

Light Mode

Unlike conventional products, the newer models come with several light-level and brightness modes. Some products even have up to five levels of changing light options. You can set the light to a warm or neutral mode, depending on your need.

Neck Adjustability

Most of the lamps come with a standard flexible feature. This property will let you adjust the height of the light to your preferred length. Wherever you sit to have an excellent read or do craftwork, move the neck to whatever angle suits you.

Some Lighting Tips for Elderly People & Their Aging Eye

So far, we have talked about some of the best lamps in the market and their properties. Let us now discuss the essential tips and measurements you can take to ensure eye protection.

Multiple Lights

Even though the products mentioned above will provide you good quality light, we still recommend you ensure that the room you read has other light sources as well.

You can alternatively read during daylight or create a workspace with several light sources nearby. This way, you can avoid creating too much eyestrain.

Reduce Glare

An increasing amount of brightness and light creates an elevated level of glare. You can reduce such glare and protect your eye by using well-fitting opaque shades. They can help to lower the level of glare and lessen eyestrain.

Wattage Limit

Before purchasing any bulb, be sure to check out the wattage limit. You have to try not to exceed that wattage limit because that can be dangerous.

Controlling the Lights

Most of the lamps come with a light mode control system. You can change the color to your need. It is better to use warmer color lights because that puts less strain on your eyes than those.

If you maintain all of these points, you will ensure that your elderly family member can correctly protect their eyesight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What light is the best one for reading?

There are different types of lights available but in our opinion, try to go for the products that come with an illumination level of 2700-4000K. This level is the normal and baseline for the halogen and energy-saving incandescent lights.

Is an LED light safe for reading?

Yes, LED lights are known for not emitting harmful UV and radiation that may cause vision damage. Unlike conventional bulbs, this type of light will help to protect your eyes. Therefore, you can use LED lights for reading without worry.

What color is better for reading?

There are a few light modes available. Neutral, cool, and warm tones all have different illumination range. However, it is better for reading purposes if you choose the warmer tones because they are less harsh on the eyes.

Which lamp will be best for my elderly family member?

Although we mentioned some of the best products, you can choose the Fulcrum Wireless Lamp. This device comes with a magnifier lens that will be an excellent addition.

Which wattage bulb should I purchase?

The most ideal and minimum wattage you should look out for is the 60-watt bulbs. If you choose a 75-watt bulb, that will be even better.

Final Words

Technology has advanced enough in this day and age that we do not have to deprive ourselves of reading or enjoying craftwork due to eyesight. Herein, investing in a good-quality lamp will help reduce eye strain and allow you to control the brightness to your liking.

Our review of the best reading lamp for elderly should come in handy. Among all the lamps with various features and designs, the Fulcrum Wireless Floor Lamp will be an excellent choice if you have an elderly member who loves to read. Now you can read books without a worry in the world.

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