Best Pocket Door Hardware: Top 10 Reviews & Buying Guide

As more time passes, homes and apartments seem to get smaller. Not to mention rising real estate costs and rent also push people to pursue smaller living spaces. But just because a space is small, it does not have to feel claustrophobic.

Modern architecture makes anything possible, where small spaces are tricked into looking and feeling bigger, so you can enjoy an open atmosphere at all times.

For small apartments, you really want to maximize the space you have, and pocket doors are a brilliant way of doing that. Unlike your average door that swings open, these slide into a nice pocket built into the wall, hence the name.

They also tend to be wider in size, almost mimicking a wall, so that when pushed inside the two rooms can act as one. So when not needed, you can simply push it in, and have a larger space all to yourself.

This is also great for get-togethers and gatherings when you can enjoy a large continuous opening. If you want to have a pocket door at your place, you will surely need to look into some pocket door hardware.

Granted having a pocket door around can be very convenient, but without the right hardware, it can become a nightmare. From proper installation to ensuring smooth usage, you will require a handful of hardware.

Don’t fret yet! Be it wheels, tracks or rollers, you will find everything you need to know here. You’ll also get a list of the best pocket door hardware with their respective details.

So grab a cup of coffee and keep reading.

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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Pocket Door Hardware

Pocket Door Hardware

1. Door Thickness

This is the very first step to buying any hardware for your pocket door. Since pocket doors differ in shape and size so much depending on where they are being installed, the hardware will differ.

So you must know your door thickness before buying any hardware, so as to ensure that the parts you buy fit well into your space.

2. Material

Different pocket doors are made of different materials. Some come in wood, others glass, some metal and so on. You need to make sure the hardware you purchase is suitable with your specific door.

It does not end here, however. One needs to check that the material your parts are made of, is of good quality.

Most of the high quality pocket door hardware you’ll find on the market are made of stainless steel, followed by iron, then brass, and finally bronze. Luxury items can very rarely be found in gold or silver plated as well, but it not really necessary.

Stainless steel is what we recommend, or the ones after based on your budget. If you end up buying parts of bad metal, it will simply end up rusting or will need frequent replacements, which you certainly do not want.

Another thing to note about the material is its resistance to high impacts. Since this is a door, expect the occasional slamming in and out. Hardware you install needs to be able to handle that, or it will break off.

3. Size

As we know, pocket doors are mostly put in to save space. That being said, you do not want hardware that will get in your way or block your doors movement mechanism.

Lucky for you, most hardware pieces today come sturdy yet slim, so they too can slide in and out without being a nuisance.

4. The Lock

Doors are meant to be locked. They will be, and multiple times during its lifetime too. This repeated cycle results in a lot of lock changes for people.

Make an investment and buy a good lock initially that can go through this process without breaking down every six months or so. If the door is one that is not locked frequently, like ones in commercial spaces, a high investment for it not a must.

Overall, we recommend you always get high end pocket door hardware, for they will serve you well in the long term.

5. Capacity

Certain parts like the pocket door track and rollers have specific weight capacity you need to watch out for. For this, you have to first know the weight of the door, and choose hardware that is capable of withholding that weight.

Look at the weight capacity before purchase. And once again, hardware made of higher quality materials will be able to withstand more weight than their cheaper counterparts.

6. Installation Ease

How easily you can install your hardware plays a big part in what to buy. If the parts you buy are too complicated yet needed for commercial use, you might have to hire professional help to get them installed or replaced. That, of course, increases the overall cost.

For simple home usage, we recommend going for simpler installation methods. Follow the instructions that come with the product. If possible, read it before purchase to make sure you understand what you are dealing with, giving you ample time to switch to another.

7. Privacy

While pocket doors are great to increase space, they also reduce privacy when open. Different people have different requirements in this case, where some may want a lock, and others will not.

For places like schools, it is better to have a passage system where there is no lock included. It makes it safer for children.

On the other hand, if you are installing this at home and want privacy at a certain time, look for ones that do come with a lock.

How to Install Pocket Door Hardware?

Even the best pocket door systems might fail if you don’t install the hardware properly. Since pocket door hardware can refer to any of the pieces you are using to install your pocket door, the installation process itself will differ for each.

However, there are still some basic points that you should remember first.

Before installing your pocket door, some basic preparations are necessary. This includes removing your drywall, plates, studs and sills, and dealing with any electric or plumbing lines that might be present.

Once you have this completed, you can move on to the following steps.

1. Measure

Measurement is key to every installation. Take a few minutes to measure the height, width, and thickness of your door. Following this, you must select a frame to match your door.

Sometimes you might not be able to find the exact size. In such cases opt for a larger frame which you can simply cut with a hacksaw to your measurements.

2. Opening

Once again, the steps will differ for each hardware. If you were installing a door pull, you must make an opening at one edge to install it.

If the door is larger than usual, you might have to cut into the wall as well to properly install it.

3. Install Header and Track

The general rule is that a larger and heavier door will always have a larger header. Proceed to install your header with brackets and fasteners.

4. Attach Split Studs

When you see the pocket door sliding into the wall, it is in fact sliding into a metal and wood frame. This is the split studs.

They are metal framed and come with a hollow channel that allows the door to slide in and out and you open and close the door.

You must attach the split studs to the header and the floor. When putting up the new drywall at the end, it should be attached to the wood side or the exterior of these split studs.

5. Attach Brackets

Now you must attach the brackets. Fasten your split jamb stiffeners to your floor bracket, plump it with a level, and finally nail them to the ground. Following this nail your split jamb to your header.

You must do the same process again with another pair of stiffeners, this time in the middle of the pocket. Then take your wheel hangers and slide them into the track.

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6. Install Door

Clip your brackets to the pins that extend from the wheels, and you will be able to fix your door to the wheels for movement.

After this is done attach your guide to the bottom, so your door can move freely without any friction or rubbing.

7. Door Pulls

When installing the door pulls make sure that they can be inset into both sides without hampering its movement.

8. New Wall

Now that all of this is done, you can put up your new drywall and finish up with the cosmetic part of the project.

9. Two-Piece Installation

Proceed to nail your two-piece side and head jambs on both sides of the door to ensure it is in line with your new wall.

You can use screws to fix the head jamb which allows you to remove the door easily in case any issue were to arise later on.

10. Strike Jamb

On the opposite side, you must fix a full-width strike jamb. To do this you must first drill a hole and chisel a light mortise for your strike plate where your door latch will work.

After this, you can put in your door casing by nailing it to the pocket door studs and jamb.

What Is Pocket Door Hardware And What Is The Benefit Of Using It? 

Now that we know what pocket doors are and that they require the right hardware, we need to know what exactly the hardware refers to.

Pocket door hardware are all the parts and items that you need to install your pocket door and ensure its smooth running. Since pocket doors are unique to each home, space, and design preference, the hardware will differ for each door.

You will find a choice of sizes and shapes, and different styles and finishes too. The products we will be discussing here will cover all the basic hardware, so you will definitely find a handful for your needs.

These include parts like flesh pulls, ball-bearing hangers, door tracks and so much more, all working to properly operate your door. Now you might be wondering why go through all this trouble?

Well, pocket door systems will allow you enjoy some benefits-

1. They obviously help to maximize your space as we mentioned before, but they are also great if you like a quiet space. Unlike regular doors, they do not swing open or shut, and hence does not create any noise.

2. They are very useful for creating sections in the home that you want to keep blocked at certain times and open at others such as home offices.

3. Partial privacy is one of the greatest benefits of a pocket door, as it allows you to close an area when needed, but have full open access at other times!

Top 10 Best Pocket Door Hardware Reviews

1. Johnson Pocket Door Kit

Johnson Hardware100PD

The Johnson Hardware 100PD is a fine choice if you are looking for top quality pocket door kits. Johnson hardware is a manufacturing company that has been making this hardware for more than 60 years.

This should tell you about their experience in the field, and the prime quality products that they made, and this kit is no different. Made for a top hung set up, you can buy this for a range of sizes.

It is available in four sizes, specifically between 48 and 96 inches long. Even if you cannot find the exact size for your pocket door, you can cut it down to match yours.

Coming to the weight capacity, which plays a big part in how your hardware works in the long run, this product can hold up to 125 pounds, and so can the entire 100PD line.

Sporting such fine features, one might think of this to be an expensive choice. But quite the contrary, this kit is comparatively affordable for the quality that you get, making it a budget friendly choice.

Materials play a big part in the longevity of your hardware. The track is made of aluminum which makes it sturdy and is created for a one door operation. Other components are made of steel, so you know they will be long-lasting and durable.

The ball bearing hanger ensures smooth operation of the door during usage thanks to the rolls that slide with ease.

Installation is often a headache for new buyers. Luckily this kit is pretty simple to install, and with all the videos available on the company’s website, anybody with the right tools will be able to put it up.

Overall, we do consider this to be one of the best pocket door kit options out there thanks to all its features, its unique patented design, and most importantly its affordability.

Highlighted Features:

  • Commercial grade featuring a solid nylon wheel.
  • Has a capacity of 125 pounds.
  • Created for 2×4 wall construction.
  • Good quality with aluminum track and convex rails.
  • Works with a minimum 1-inch thick door.

2. Baldwin Estate 0465.150

Baldwin Estate 0465.150

When buying hardware for pocket doors already installed, door pulls are one of the common items. The Baldwin Estate 0465.150 is a stylish choice for a door pull, but besides its attractive exterior, it also comes with good quality.

First of all, let us talk about the design. It comes with a narrow edge, so it will fit onto numerous doors, regardless of its width. This makes the product more versatile and usable on different doors.

When it comes to usage, it is made easy thanks to the large opening. It provides enough support to pull open and close without having to apply too much force.

The edge is also spring loaded, so it will pull back the lever flush with the face plate smoothly. Since installation is a hard task for some, this piece comes equipped with everything you need to insert it, like the screws.

To install this in your pocket door, you will need an opening that is 1.62 inches deep, and this will work just fine.

Baldwin Estate is well known for their carefully designed products that mix in with every interior thanks to the wide range of colors and finishes they provide.

This product right here is no different and also comes in various colors and finishes to match different sections of the home.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a large opening to make use easy.
  • Features a spring loaded edge pull for lever quick return.
  • Operates properly when inserted in a 1.62-inch deep space.
  • Design is slim and narrow to fit on most doors.
  • Comes in 19 finishes for different interiors.

3. Kwikset Pocket Door Lock

Kwikset 335 Round Bed/Bath Pocket Door Lock

Kwikset is a residential lock manufacturer that has been making various kinds of locks since 1946. Locks are very important for maintaining privacy, and hence needs to be of good quality.

The experience that Kwikset possesses tells us it is a brand we can trust when it comes to such hardware. The product we have here is the 335 round bed pocket door lock.

Although mostly targeted towards bathroom and bedroom pocket doors, this can be used anywhere you want to. One of the first things people notice about this product is the shape.

Since it comes in a nice round design, it fits into your door handle notch quite easily, eliminating the need to create a new one. It saves you the trouble of more work and makes installation simple and easy.

All you need is a screwdriver to put this in place, so installation will not be an issue, and no professional is required.

The design is made to be used with a standard 2-1/8″ drilled door, so check your measurements before purchase. Locking mechanism on this features a turn piece, which you can turn sideways to lock and unlock.

This makes it easy to use, and will not interfere with the width of the door. Locks are meant to be sturdy and strong, and through usage, you will see how this is tough than most in the market.

The latch that comes along with this is also adjustable to make it simple to use on all sorts of doors.

Looks-wise, the lock delivers a clean and crisp appearance thanks to the satin nickel finish. It also allows it to be versatile enough to match with antique and modern interiors.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features a round design removing the need for a new notch.
  • Latch is adjustable to fit all standard doors.
  • Is designed to fit 2-1/8 inch drilled door.
  • Features a stain nickel out finish.
  • Locking mechanism works with a turn piece.

4. Prime-Line Pocket Door Privacy Lock and Pull

Prime-Line N 7367Pocket Door Privacy Lock

Sometimes when your door is very old, you will face problems with the sliding pocket door hardware. This can include a lot of parts, but most importantly the lock.

At times like this, you do not really need to change the entire setting, but only the specific part will do, and the lock being on the outside is pretty easy to change.

The Prime-Line N 7367 Pocket Door Privacy Lock is one of these locks that you can install for times like these.

Locks are usually easier to install, and similarly, this one too can be done in a quick and easy manner thanks to the instructions and hardware it comes with.

You can check out the video from the manufacturer if you are curious, and proceed to install your lock. It also happens to be non-handed, so you can put it in any door, be it left or right-handed.

It features a mortise installation, and this design is made to be used on 1-3/8 inch and 1-3/4 inch thick doors. The lock itself has a length of 3-3/4 inch. So check your measurements before purchase to get the right size.

After installation use of this deluxe lock and pull is just as simple due to the wide and easy grip design. Often times you will find locks that are hard to grab and lock when in a rush.

With this convenient design, you do not have to worry about that anymore. Material wise, you get a lock and pull that is made of solid brass making it strong, durable, long lasting and most importantly in the case of locks –safe!

Highlighted Features:

  • Features a deluxe pocket door privacy lock and pull.
  • Has non-handed lock sets for left and right-handed doors.
  • Installation is simple and easy with provided instructions.
  • Made of solid brass to be durable.
  • Mortise lock can be reversed for right and left-handed doors.

5. Johnson Pocket Door Hardware

Johnson Hardware 1500Soft- Best Pocket Door Frame

Although this can be used at home if you prefer the quality, Johnson Hardware 1500 mostly used as a commercial pocket door due to its commercial grade quality.

Assembly wise, even though it might look complicated, rest assured it is anything but. Designed to work with a 2×4 stud wall, you can install this yourself without any professional help, given you have the tools.

Coming to the quality, this door frame is unique because it eliminates the steel wrapped wood studs to include solid steel studs instead. It makes it more sturdy and tough and allows it to work with heavy-duty doors.

Being stiffer, these can work with 1-3/4 inch thick doors without requiring any adapter kit. All the necessary hardware is provided with the kit to help you with the installation.

You do not need to do any kind of drilling. You get the frame, hangers and track, a guide to help you out, an adjustment wrench plus door bumper.

If you find that the frame does not exactly match in size, get a size bigger and cut it to your requirements. Post assembly, the entire set up comes together to give you a nice and smooth pocket door.

Featuring soft-close and open, this set up promises to give you a quiet experience as you open and close doors without slamming them in and out, all of which is possible due to its smooth brakes.

When on the market for the best-quality pocket door frame, the Johnson Hardware 1500 is a must check out. You’ll get self-adjusting floor anchors which helps to maintain the horizontal alignment of your header and track.

Also, the three-wheel tricycle hangers will help the wheels to eventually distribute the weight, and prevent the door from jumping out of track even with fast pulls. Lastly, you get convex rails on the box track so you can experience smooth and free rolling.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with solid steel studs for durability.
  • Features self-adjusting floor anchors for floor settling.
  • Has three-wheel triangle hangers for enhanced balance.
  • Comes with convex rails for free rolling.
  • Is easy to install at home.

6. Sehrgut Pocket Door Pulls

Sehr gut Flush Pull Handle

This flush pull handle from Sehr gut is a piece of premium pocket door hardware your home will love. Flush pull handles are a necessity of pocket doors, but that does not mean they cannot look nice.

This one comes as a pair, so you can use it on double doors, or two different ones around the home. But if we might add, they look absolutely stunning when used on side by side pocket doors to for an elevated interior look.

Which is why a lot of people use this set on closet doors as well. Coming to the features, this is not a piece of hardware that only looks good, but is just as functional.

Starting from the exterior, you will find smooth and finely chamfered edges that are achieved from hours of hand polishing. Smooth to the touch, this might not seem like much, but when quickly opening and closing doors this will come in handy.

The pair also has a good finger depth with a ½ inch deep real that lets you comfortably grab the pull. Backside of the pull is rectangular in shape so as to conceal the back of the door.

If you are installing this yourself, check out the dimensions of the product. This one has a length of 6 inches, width of 2 inches, and is 0.6 inches deep.

Before installing, you have to make a rectangular cavity of 4.86 inches in length, 1.25 inches in width, and 0.57 inches in depth. Insert your flush pull and screw them tight using a screw driver using the two holes in it.

Last of all, the material is one you will absolutely love. You get a solid stainless steel 304, with a plated oil rubbed bronze finish. This lets you rest assured that there will be no rusting whatsoever, no matter how long you plan on using this.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features finely chamfered smooth surfaces.
  • Comes with ½ inch deep real for good finger grip.
  • Will suit ¾ inch wood and up (single mounting).
  • Will suit 1-1/16 inch and up (back to back mounting).
  • Can be fixed in the hole with screws or glue.

7. Prime-Line Door Handle and Pull

Prime-Line Products N 7238

If you have a lightweight door that is in need of a handle and pull, check out this one from Prime-Line Products. The N 7238 is a well-designed handle and pull that caters to homeowners and people who like to install their hardware at home.

It comes with all the instructions necessary, and all you need is a screwdriver to secure the hardware into place. This product is designed to fit into doors that have a thickness between 1-3/8 and 1-3/4 inch.

We say this is suitable for lightweight doors because that is what the design of this product is most suited for. Coming in a small size, it will fit and work perfectly on your bedroom or bathroom pocket door.

You can easily grab on the handle and pull. However, if you have large heavy doors, such as ones in living rooms or libraries, this will prove to be too small. Although you can use it, it will require some extra force to work.

That being said, just because it is smaller, it does not mean it is not well made, it is simply made for lighter doors. And the solid brass material is a proof of its outstanding quality. On the surface you also get a satin nickel-plated finish, giving you an excellent product inside out.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy and quick to install at home.
  • Is made from solid brass for better quality.
  • Comes with a satin nickel-plated exterior to enhance looks.
  • Will fit into 1-3/8 inch to 1-3/4 inch thick doors.
  • Comes with a die-cast pull hook.

8. Citiloc Round Bed/Bath Privacy Pocket Door Latch

Citiloc Round Bed/Bath Privacy Pocket Door Latch Oil Rubbed Bronze

Pocket door latches are an important part of your pocket door, which makes it important to get the right one. This one from Citiloc comes with a round design which is one of its prime features.

Since you can easily put it into the slot where your handle would normally be without a pocket door. You do not need to cut in again before installing it. Still, to be sure, you should check the size of your doors slot and match it to this.

The Citiloc latch will fit into a 2-1/8 inch drilled door. As a pocket door latch, this is one of the most robust you will find that fits snug and tight, and has a long life, so you do not need frequent replacements.

It is also well known for its longevity and sturdiness. Even though it is small in size, this latch can work well on heavy doors just as properly. On the surface you get an oil rubbed bronze finish for a modern industrial outlook to match all kinds of settings.

Function wise, it works like a charm thanks to the design. It even comes with a privacy pocket door latch which will lock once you use the thumb turn. Following this you also get an emergency unlock on the outside just in case of accidents.

And the grab pull always stays extended until your door is properly locked. All of this might not seem like much, but are actually pretty thoughtful features that can come in handy at times.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features a round design preventing the need to cut into the door.
  • Comes with a privacy pocket door latch.
  • Has an emergency unlock on the outside.
  • Has an oil rubbed bronze finish.
  • Is designed to fit a 2-1/8 inch drilled door.

9. idh by St. Simons Pocket Passage Door Pull

idh by St. Simons 25410-019Pocket Passage Door Pull

For those who want a mess free and stress free installation of a door pull, this is a good choice for you. The idh by St. Simons 25410-019 pocket passage door pull is a simple product that is easy to both assemble and use.

This is often used as a replacement hardware piece for old pocket doors because this gives a quick and instant solution. Taking around a minute to install, it also comes equipped with all the mounting hardware. A screwdriver is all you require to put this up.

The product itself is very simple, but is well-built and robust nonetheless. Made of solid brass, you get a sturdy piece of hardware that will hold tight to your door and serve you for long years.

If you are installing this on an old door, check to see that the dimensions match, and if not, simply attach it from scratch.

The product itself comes with a height of 2-3/4 inch and a width of 2-1/2 inch. It is designed to fit doors that have a thickness range of 1-3/8 to 1-3/4 inch.

Exterior wise, you get numerous finishes, from matte black to bright copper to polished brass, the range is pretty wide. This makes it easier for you to pick out the right one for your door.

Highlighted Features:

  • Is made of solid brass for enhanced quality.
  • Features a wide range of colors to suit all interiors.
  • Made for doors with a thickness of 1-3/8 inch to 1-3/4 inch.
  • Is easy to install at home.
  • Wide range of finishes are available.

10. Prime-Line Pocket Door System

Prime-Line N 7065- Best Pocket Door Kit

Pocket door rollers are a key part of a pocket door hardware kit. They ensure the smoothness with which your door pulls in and out, making it very important for you to get the right one.

Quality here matters a lot. Since this is to be installed on the inside, you should consider this an investment and install the finest you find. Because if there are faults later on during use, you might have to break into your wall again just to change this.

What makes this Prime-Line N 7065 great is it’s built. It comes with a steel bracket so you know there will not be any rusting, with a hole center spacing of 1-7/8 inch, followed by ball bearings.

The tires are made of durable plastic that helps to ensure smooth rolling and a quiet operation. It also makes it long lasting, which is very important for any hardware that is concealed.

The wheels are set in a parallel manner and have a space in between of ¾ inch for balance, and 13/16 inch diameter round edges. Being adjustable, these rollers are installed at the top of pocket doors and are used by some of the top pocket door kit manufacturers as well.

Coming to the weight capacity, these rollers can handle a maximum weight of 100 pounds giving it plenty of strength to hold doors firm.

Lastly, before installation check measurements to match. These rollers are made to fit into a 1-inch wide track, which should be kept in mind before assembly.

Highlighted Features:

  • Outside wheel diameter is 13/16 inch.
  • Wheels come with a convex edge.
  • Has plastic tires with steel ball bearings and steel bracket.
  • Will fit into a ¾ inch center to center double J track.
  • Hole center spacing of bracket measures 1-7/8 inch.

Comparison Chart of Top 10 Pocket Door Hardware

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People Also Asked (FAQs)

Are Pocket Doors Problematic?

No all pocket doors are not problematic. Although a large number of users face hardware problems over time, it is mainly because-

  • The installation was not done in a professional manner
  • The quality of the parts is not durable

If you have the best pocket door hardware, this can be fixed easily. Pay attention when purchasing your hardware to make sure they are sturdy, fits well, and is installed professionally so it can handle the frequent friction.

Can One Install New Track And Rollers On Old Doors?

Yes, pocket door track and rollers can be installed. Often times you have pre-installed pocket doors and their hardware has worn off or stopped working properly.

This is not an issue today when there are so many options available. The core of a pocket door lies in its track, rollers, and trolleys. Simply get the right measurements, and install new hardware to bring it back to life. For this you have to-

  • Tear into the wall and remove any obstacle
  • Get rid of the old set of hardware

Now you can install your new pair and close up your wall after you are done.

What Options Are There In The Pocket Door Category?

Pocket door hardware is mostly found in three grades. For hardware, the differentiating factor is the weight of the door on which your hardware will go. The categories are:

  • PD75 for 75-pound doors
  • PD150 for 150-pound doors
  • PD250 for 250-pound doors

If you know the weight of your door, finding the right hardware will be a piece of cake.

What To Do When The Door Bounces Off Of The Track And Remains In The Pocket?

If a situation like this were to occur, it is most likely a problem in the wheels, rollers or both. If your rollers are single-wheeled, they are inferior.

Opt for 3 to 4 wheel hangers to fit nicely into tracks which are box shaped. This will prevent your door from bouncing off your track and will keep in grounded.

How Easy Is It To Remove Pre-Installed Doors?

It is pretty easy;given you have the proper hardware which lets you do it. Once the top split jamb is removed, your door should disconnect from the wheeled hangers and come out smoothly.

What To Do If The Track Stops Working?

If a track is damaged, it needs to be removed and replaced. How easily you do this depends on the way it has been installed. If you have a track that is installed with keyhole-shaped screw holes, it can be easily removed.

If it does not, however, you will have to hack into your wall for removal. Therefore, it is suggested to have this keyhole-shaped screw hole when installing.

What To Do If There Is Friction Between Your Door And Split Jamb During Opening?

There should be a 3/16th inch of clearance in between the sides of the door and your jamb. This will prevent the door from rubbing.

If you have the clearance and still experience rubbing, there is a chance your door is warped, or your pocket door construction is twisted, or both. For this, you need to reconstruct the whole thing.

Do I Have To Paint My Pocket Door Before Installation?

Yes, you do, on every surface (sides, edges, bottom and top) before you hang it on a track.

Since they are sealed inside, you do not have access to all sides after installation. So before installation, one must cover every surface to avert warping. To do this:

  • Apply primer coat to your entire door
  • Follow up with a finish coat on the edges
  • For staining, put a sealer on the bottom, top, and hidden vertical edge. (No sealer should be applied on the face, as it will not allow for the stain to penetrate)

Final Word

Now that we have reached the end, we hope our article here has helped you gain knowledge on quality pocket doors, their installation process, and most importantly their hardware.

For a beginner, it can be quite tricky to take it all in, but with the right guide installing a pocket door is not tough at all.

We have covered all the topics you need to know before you start your process, so take a few minutes to skim through the article and you can be on your way to install your next piece.

Even though pocket doors are mainly used for functional reasons, a lot of us have turned to it for its unique way of decorating our home or giving it a touch of period décor in an easy way.

Whatever your reason might be, be sure it is something you will love, and with the best pocket door hardware at hand, installation, usage, and maintenance will be just as easy!

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