4 Best Marble Polishing Powder Reviews for Your House in 2021

Have you ever found yourself looking with horror at all the stains and etch marks on your marble table? I know I have! Chances are these marks did not form overnight, they are a result of years of use. However, that does not mean it will take that long to get rid of it.

A good polishing powder for marble can do wonders, but you do not have to take my word for it! After a lot of trial and error and hours of research, I have put together a list of 5 best marble polishing powder just for you. There is also a buying guide at the end of this review that you can use to decide which one you should buy.

Marble Polishing Powder Comparison Table





MB-11 Marble Polishing Powder


8 Ounces

16x16 microfiber cloth

Granite and Marble Polish


16 Ounces


Tenax Marble Polishing Powder


8 Ounces

16x16 microfiber towel and pair of gloves

Stone Pro Easy Marble Polish (EMP)


16 Ounces


Marble Polishing Powder Buying Guide

Well, that was all I had to tell you about these products. But hold on, we are not done yet! Learning about these products is not enough, you have to know what to look for when buying one as well. So in this buying guide, let us take a look at all the things that need to be considered when buying the best marble polishing powder.


The first thing you need to consider is what brand polish you want. There are a few well-known ones out there, some of which are mentioned on this list. MB Stone Care and Italian Craftsman are some of the most popular ones out there for their reliability and performance.


You have probably noticed that the weight of the powders is different and can vary. There are some that weigh about 8 ounces, while others weigh 16 ounces. So, make sure you know how much the polish powder weighs before making a purchase.


Another important thing you need to see is whether or not the polish powder promises the glossiness that you crave. Just how shiny and glossy it can make the marble varies from one product to another. Likewise, it is up to the user as well to decide whether they want a more matte or shiny look.


When you are investing in a polishing powder, you definitely want it to be worth it. A good polish should not only be able to restore the shine to your marble but also make sure it lasts a long time.


There is a lot of polishing powders out there, but not all of them are compatible with all sorts of surfaces. If the powder is not suited for marble or any other surface you intend to use it for, it can cause significant damage. That is why you should make sure to find out which types of surface the polish is compatible with.


Along with removing scratch marks to a surface, a good polish powder should also be able to resist scratch marks in the future. You will find quite a few of these that offer long-lasting protection and does not allow scratches and etch marks after it is applied.

Ease of Use

This may not be the most important to many, however, if you are starting out without any prior experience, you might want to go for something that is easy to use. A lot of these comes with some easy-to-follow instructions or do not require much and can be used straight of the box.


Many of the polishing powders available on the market come with some additional accessories. Some of them can include a machine-washable microfiber cloth that you can use as an applicator, along with gloves to protect your hands when using the product. These can come in very handy.

4 Best Marble Polishing Powder Reviews

Etch marks can be caused by a lot of different things, one of which is water. However, removing these marks can be super easy if you know how to do it. Using a marble polishing powder is the simplest and easiest way you can do so.

1. MB-11 Marble Polishing Powder

The first product that I have here for you one by MB Stone Care. It is a very popular and highly recommended marble polish amongst many. After going through this review, you will see why!

First of all, this is an 8oz product that is ideal for countertops. If you are thinking about getting rid of that countertop that has fallen victim to some serious etch marks, stop right there! Why waste money replacing a perfectly functional countertop when you can make it as good as new again with just a dash of polishing powder?

That’s right, this thing will not only remove these marks, it will also turn the dullness of the surface into something shiny. The powder is quite easy to use, you will not need any additional tools for it. You can do so using the 16x16 microfiber cloth, which does an excellent job as a cleaning cloth for the polishing method.

It is the perfect thing that you can use for your marble, travertine, or basically any calcite-based stone. With its great durability, you will find that it will last a very long time, protecting the countertop surface for months on end. It has all the qualities of the best marble polishing powder, so do make sure to check it out!

Highlighted Features:

  • 8 ounce marble polish.
  • Quite easy to use and apply.
  • Saves from costly replacements.
  • Comes with a 16x16 microfiber cloth.

2. Granite and Marble Polish

Are you looking for a polish that can be used on a wide range of surfaces? If so, you will be happy to know that your search is over! The Granite and Marble Polish by Italian Craftsmen is capable of doing just that for you.

Italian Craftsmen is a well-liked brand that is known for its quality products, and this particular polish is no different. This 16-ounce liquid features a special formula that is ideal for marble, granite, and basically any polished stone.

However, you can still use it on other surfaces such as finished wood, metal, stainless steel amongst a few others.

A lot of times, especially on countertops, we can end up spilling drinks like fruit juice or any other staining liquid. Getting the stain off can be irritating and even futile.

Well, you will not need to worry about that anymore because this thing not only does an excellent job brightening the natural color of the surface, but it also offers protection against these stains. 

This thing is very easy to use and will leave your marble or stone surface sparkly and clean. It is the best product to use if you want to keep your countertops and vanities as good as new and protected from stains and etch marks.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made using a special formula for marble and granite.
  • Brightens natural color.
  • Can be used on a wide range of surfaces.
  • Formula helps protect against stains.

3. Tenax Marble Polishing Powder 1 kg Tub

Tenax Marble Polishing Powder 1 kg Tub

Are you on the search for a polishing powder that will leave your marble floor or any limestone or calcite surfaces very shiny and glossy? Well, then the Tenax Marble Polishing powder can be just the thing you need!

First of all, you can use this thing on countertops, floors, and pretty much any marble surfaces to restore its finish and bring back shine. It is a very simple product that is just incredibly easy to use. This thing has been formulated in such a way that it creates a very glossy surface wherever it is used.

It comes with easy-to-follow instructions, all you have to do is mix the powder with water to make a paste. Then take a felt pad and polish the marble until you reach the glossiness you were aiming for. It is packaged in a plastic bucket for your convenience.

With this package, you also get a pair of gloves, a microfiber cloth as well as a ¼ liter Tenax Hyrex sealer. If you are looking for a complete package, this can be just the thing you need.

Highlighted Features:

  • Formulated to bring out shine from marbles and other surfaces.
  • Complete package comes with sealer, gloves and microfiber cloth.
  • Includes easy to follow instructions.
  • Very glossy.

4. Stone Pro Easy Marble Polish (EMP)

Stone Pro Easy Marble Polish

The last, but definitely not the least, the product that I will be telling you about is one by Stone Pro. This is another very reliable product that you can surely count on to rid your countertops and vanities of etch marks and stains.

First of all, this thing has all that it takes to be the best marble polishing compound. It has a formula that will leave your marble countertop polished and incredibly shiny and will not etch or re-etch the surface.

You will find that this thing is very easy to use and does a wonderful job for not only marbles but also travertine and any calcite-based stone as well as terrazzo.

With this product, you get one pound worth of powder that will last you a pretty long time, depending on how often you use it. This one pound can cover about 500 to 700 square feet of restoration for the stone surface. It also does a good job polishing more sensitive stones as well as serpentine stones.

This thing is great for natural stone polishing and will leave anything that it touches looking 10 times better!

However, one thing to note here is that you should use a polishing machine if you want to keep the sheen. You can use this on your floor as well with electric polishing pads and leave it looking shinier and more reflective than ever!

Highlighted Features:

  • 1 pound polishing powder.
  • Very easy to  use.
  • Formula will not etch or re-etch the stone surface.
  • Great for polishing floors as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my marble to shine again?

Using a marble polishing powder, of course!

How often does marble need to be polished?

Not very often. Once you polish the floors, the shine should stay for months before starting to look dull again.

Can you polish marble using baking soda?

Yes, you can make your own DIY marble polish if you are out of a store-bought polish and your marble is in dire need of some polishing. Simply mix 3 tablespoons of baking soda with 1 quart of water. Spray this mixture on the marble surface and gently rub it with a dry cloth.

What causes etch marks on marble?

There can be many reasons behind etch marks on a marble countertop. It can be due to scratches it receives when you place or move objects on the surface. Another reason can be due to watermarks as well.

What is the best marble polishing powder?

What you find best depends on you. All the products mentioned on this list are some of the most effective and reliable ones on the market right now.

Final Words

So, there you have it! All of these products are some of the best on the market at the moment and have what it takes to be the best marble polishing powder. I recommend you try the MB-11 Marble polishing powder or Stone Pro easy marble polish.

The MB-11 is an excellent quality polish that is very easy to use. It is also very durable so it will last you a long time. The Stone Pro polish is also very easy to use, making it a great choice for anyone.

It also has a formula that resists etching on the surface. No matter which one you decide to buy, make sure you go through the buying guide carefully to see if it meets your requirements.

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