Best Ikea Desk For Gaming : Top 9 Reviews For 2021

best Ikea desks for gaming

You may spent a lot of money on getting the most powerful gaming configuration with a 4K display, a PC with a powerful processor, gaming mouse, headset, and keyboard.

But, if you don't have the proper room to place the whole setup, it might make you feel disappointed and frustrated. Gaming not only requires the best computer configuration and internet, you also need space to place all the appliances.

Hence, gamers typically share a common dream: a designated gaming zone featuring a beautiful desk that can accommodate all our consoles, computers, and VRs.  And who else can offer a better gaming desk than the most popular furniture brand, aka IKEA?

We know how crucial it is for you to purchase the right desk. In an effort to help you out, we have carefully analyzed and reviewed some of the best Ikea desks for gaming.

You will find a diverse list - from designated monitor displays to cable holders and adjustable heights!

List of Top  Ikea desks for gaming In The Market – Editor’s Pick.



Editor's Rating


IKEA desk, White

5 Out of 5

IKEA New Computer Desk Table Multi-use

5 Out of 5

IKEA MICKE 302.130.76 Desk

5 Out of 5

IKEA MICKE Desk, MICKE 802.130.74 (B00DR4F4T8)

4.5 Out of 5

IKEA 602.447.45 MICKE Desk (B00HUAV9IA)

5 Out of 5

Why You Need A Gaming DESK?

A Gaming DESK

Imagine you are in the middle of an intense game but due to the lack of synchronization in the set up you ended up with an unfortunate consequence. How furious are you going to be?

Probably like those in the 'Furious Gamer' viral videos.

While playing on a gaming desk, you will feel there is plenty of space to use; in contrast, such a facility won't be available in mainstream standard desks.

Because those desks only come with a space for the monitor and a drawer for the mouse and keyboard.

A proper gaming desk can help you to better your body posture. Moreover, there will be good accessibility than ever before if you aren't a fan of a gaming desk already.

Some racing and action games demand space to move your mouse and clicking the keyboard much less yet comfortably.

Nowadays gaming desk is evolving with newer tech as streaming and esports are becoming immensely popular. Even modern gaming desks have a stand for a controller, drinks holder, and even RGB lighting.

Aren't these reasons enough to buy a gaming desk for your dream gaming station?

9 Best Ikea Gaming Desk in 2021 - comparison table

Product Name



Storage unit

IKEA Desk MICKE 902.143.08



Two drawers

IKEA New Computer Desk Table Multi-use

Engineered wood, Wood

White-silver, white-black, black-black, white

No drawer

IKEA MICKE 302.130.76 Desk



One drawer

IKEA MICKE Desk, MICKE 802.130.74



Two drawers and one cabinet

IKEA Linnmon Adils Multi-Purpose

Engineered wood, Plastic, Metal

Birch-silver, black-blue, black-white, white, white-blue

No drawer

IKEA 602.447.45 MICKE Desk



Two drawers

Ikea Linnmon Computer Table With Drawers

Plastic, Particleboard, ABS Plastic


Five drawers

Ikea Alex Computer Desk with Drawers

Particleboard, ABS Plastic,
Fireboard, Steel


Two drawers

IKEA 102.447.43 Micke Desk



Two drawers and one cabinet

9 Best Ikea Desk For Gaming Reviews

1. IKEA desk, White

IKEA desk, White

A perfect desk for your home is the one that offers an ideal workspace while taking a little space. If you are a gamer, you know how a small yet compact desk accommodating all setups can enhance your gaming experience.

Micke Desk provides the most straightforward look while offering all the space you need. Looking at its simple design, you might be wondering if it can serve your gaming purpose.

Rest assured, because the spacious 56 inch x 20 inch Ikea Micke can easily accommodate two monitors. Besides, the desk comes with two drawers, which gives you some extra space for your appliances.

Thanks to its finished back and elegant design, you can place it even in the middle of the room, and it goes with any home or office decor.

Moreover, the cable outlets at the back of the desk help you have a neat workspace. It hides the cords and wires so that you don't have to look at them but can always find them at hand.

Last but not least, the whole configuration takes not more than 5 minutes. Out of the best Ikea Computer desk options, the Micke tops our best Ikea desk list. Why?

 Because it's sturdy, durable, most straightforward, spacious, and you can also customize it by combining it with other units, desks, or drawers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Well finished back to place anywhere in the room.
  • Elegant design matches any indoor decorations.
  • Cable management compartment at the back to hide all the messy wires.
  • Full wooden body for excellent durability.

2. IKEA Multi-Purpose Computer Desk

IKEA New Computer Desk Table Multi-use Black Silver Legs

If you are buying a computer desk for the first time, check out this fantastic product from Ikea. It's simple, lightweight, spacious, and affordable.

The 39.5 inches wide and 23.5 inches deep Ikea New Multi-use Computer Table helps keep your workstation tidy and increase productivity.

An additional benefit you get from this product is a 33 inches wide and 27 inches high clearance under the table to fit an extra cabinet or storage unit.

This desk is a multi-purpose one and fits right in the home or office. You can place it anywhere in the house and use it for study, work, gaming, or anything you like.

It is made of metal legs and a wooden top. The package includes the screws and manual for attaching the legs to the tabletop, and the assembly is super easy. The steel legs are again covered with plastic feet that save your floor from scratching.

On top of that, the legs are adjustable and can be leveled on uneven floors. The lightweight yet sturdy configuration can easily hold up to 50 kg.

It's sleek and neat design makes it the right piece of furniture for all kinds of home or office decor.

Highlighted Features:

  • The tabletop has pre-drilled leg holes for easy installation.
  • Very light and weighs only about 20 pounds.
  • Legs are adjustable and can mount easily on uneven surfaces.
  • The 35 inches wide tabletop gives you a spacious workspace.

3. IKEA MICKE 302.130.76

IKEA MICKE Desk, White

While looking for gaming desks, you mostly see big, large, heavy desks. However, if you have a small living space and need something that fits your tiny apartment while accommodating all the gaming appliances, the Ikea Micke series has something for you.

The idea behind this Micke series's smallest desk is to meet all your needs while taking up the least space. The compact design comes with a drawer, a cable management system at the back, and adjustable legs.

And it doesn't end here!

The 20 inches wide and 28.5 inches deep can easily accommodate a monitor or a laptop along with other appliances like speakers, keyboards, etc.

If you need a bigger space, you can easily create your own customized working space by combining other Micke desks or drawer units.

The tabletop of the desk is mainly made of particleboard. Although the 29-inch height desk is pretty comfortable to work, the adjustable legs allow you to mount them further the way you like.

We must say the Ikea Micke desk is an all in one or all square with all these fantastic features!

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy and can hold a maximum load of 25 kg.
  • Back finishing allows you to place the table in the middle of the room.
  • Stylish and smart desk with adjustable legs and drawer.
  • The cable-management system gives a neat look to the desk.

4. IKEA MICKE Desk, MICKE 802.130.74 (B00DR4F4T8)

Another Micke desk makes our list. Why not? They ensure to fulfill your maximum needs but promise to take the minimum space.

If you are looking for an Ikea gaming desk but don't want to go with a larger and fancier one, you can surely pick the Ikea Micke desk. You won't be disappointed!

The 60-inch x 30-inch table provides large enough space for placing two monitors at minimum, with loads of other things. Besides, the wooden structure is strong enough to support a whole lot of weight with ease.

It comes with two drawers and a cabinet to provide extra storage. Want more space? You can extend the workspace by attaching other Micke series storage units with it.

You might want to connect several devices for your better gaming experience. But more gadgets and appliances mean more cables, which can be pretty irritating and messy.

Besides, the Ikea Micke desk's cable management system allows you to hide all the cords and cables out of sight but near to hands.

Finally, the desk is super easy to assemble with its wooden frame, pre-drilled leg holes, adjustable legs, and screws.

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes with two drawers and a cabinet for extra storage.
  • With stylish design fits elegantly at almost anywhere in the room.
  • Spacious enough to serve multiple purposes.
  • Can be combined with other Micke units for an extended workspace.

5. IKEA Linnmon Adils Multi Purpose 47 1/4" x23 5/8" Birch Desk Silver Legs Table

IKEA Linnmon Adils Multi Purpose

When you think about a gaming desk, you probably often picture something flashy and royal. But a smart desk is the one that always keeps room for customization. So, something simple might turn out best for your setup.

A portable and easy to use desk can always be satisfying. Here, we are presenting something that justifies itself.

With adjustable feet, any uneven floor will not be a problem. Easy to shift by breaking down into smaller pieces always helps.

No extra drawer or cabinet can affect your customization, and last but not least, the pre-drilled leg holes save your time in any mechanical maintenance.

Can all these features fit in one desk? Yes, of course, it does!

IKEA Linnmon Adils desk will allow you to have all of them in one, thus making it one of the best ikea desks for gamings.

It is easily customizable to fit your preferences, whether you're gaming or working. The simplicity of the design makes it worthy of your money.

Moreover, the birch color tabletop is a pleasure for the eyes. Its engineered wood and plastic does its job very well.

With its four metal legs, the table can hold a load up to 110lbs, and its spacious tabletop can provide workspace for two.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight and weighs only about 22lbs.
  • Adjustable feet to level on uneven surfaces.
  • Strong enough to take a load up to 110lbs.
  • The 47 inches of length can provide the perfect workspace with two monitors.

6. IKEA 602.447.45 MICKE Desk

If you are looking for something to go with your darker tone interior, the Ikea Micke desk is an perfect option for you. Why?

Let us evaluate; the pleasing dark brown color with well finished back can serve as an ideal room divider while giving the house an elegant classical vibe.

Apart from its gorgeous look, it offers a wide tabletop with two separate keyboard drawers. It can be easily used for two-person at a time in an office space.

While gaming, the desk is great for a dual monitor setup with plenty of room for consoles, keyboard, and mouse.

It also has one obvious cable duct to keep all the wires out the way and help you enjoy your superior organization with multiple monitors and other devices.

With easily adjustable legs and a full wooden body, it offers excellent rigidity and durability while being very lightweight.

On top of that, despite having two drawers, the installation is super easy!

With its unique features, the Micke series desk has once again made the list of best Ikea desks for gaming. Feel free to check out this fantastic product from Ikea.

Highlighted Features:

  • The 56 inches long table offers a workspace for two.
  • Lightweight, weighing 58lb only.
  • Legs are mountable and can be adjusted according to your need.
  • Full wooden materials provide rigidity.

7. Ikea LINNMON Computer Table with Drawers

Want something durable and lightweight? Well, check out the Linnmon computer table from Ikea. The plastic made desk with multiple drawers makes it a convenient and practical computer table.

One thing gamers often have to deal with is organizing DVDs. This Ikea Linnmon Computer Table offers five different size drawers for your needs.

With a big drawer, you can safely put your consoles to rest and others for DVDs collection. So, if you're looking for ample cabinets and a complete length desk, this one will do both.

Despite having a big cabinet still gives you a lot of space for your legs to relax while working. The decent 28 inches height also comforts you while working long hours.

Another exciting feature of the super handy drawers is that you can adjust and fix them on any side!

With adjustable feet, uneven floors will no longer be a problem. Moreover, with this feature, you don't have to worry about the table height before buying. Adjust it after unpacking!

The finishing of the Linnmon desk is too good! So placing it anywhere in the house won't give you any extra headache.

Highlighted features:

  • Plastic materials make it lightweight.
  • The pre-drilled holes on the tabletop help in easy assembly.
  • The five different sized drawers provide extra storage facility.
  • Adjustable legs help to fit the desks on uneven surfaces.

8. Ikea Gaming Desks

Ikea Alex Computer Desk with Drawers (White)

These days one monitor is never enough. A gamer can never satisfy his video output demand with a single one. Besides, having two monitors is always a pleasure for multitasking.

If your regular size desk does not allow you to place several monitors and gaming tools, check out this Ikea Alex computer desk.

The 52 inches x 24 inches tabletop gives you ample space for any kind of work, be it gaming or study.

Indeed, it has a cable management system at the corner to keep your workspace neat. Just pass all the cables down the narrow hole and enjoy your organization the way you like.

Moreover, it comes with double drawers, both with stops. You don't need to worry about the drawers falling apart while looking for something inside.

It's satisfying and straightforward design will attract anyone. If you prefer your desk with fewer compartments and open sides, this is a perfect solution. Besides, it's formal and straightforward look makes it suitable to place anywhere.

Highlighted Features:

  • Double drawer for extra storage space.
  • Better cable management system to hide all the cables.
  • The 55 inches x 23 inches tabletop gives you a spacious working space.
  • Stylish design fits well anywhere in your living room.

9. IKEA Micke Desk, Black-Brown

IKEA Micke Desk, Black-Brown

Having doubts about which side to place your cabinets on? The IKEA Micke desk gives you the pleasure of placing the cabinet on any side.

It is a simple and effective desk for your gaming setup with a cable management system at the back of the desk that keeps your cables well organized.

The back is well finished, and you can place it anywhere. With its beautiful black-brown color, the desk can be a great addition to your furniture.

The exciting thing about the desk is that it offers an opening at the back. The opening works as an excellent cooling system for your high-performance gaming PC.

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes in black and brown colors.
  • Mountable storage cabinet to place anywhere.
  • A cable duct in the back to keep cables out of sight.
  • The full wooden body provides rigidity.

Ikea Desk for Gaming - A Complete Buying Guide

Ikea Desk for Gaming Buying guide

If you are a gamer, no matter a newbie or pro, you need a flawless battle station of your own because it will add godsends to your gaming performance.

IKEA has been a renowned name in the business when it comes to purchasing a gaming desk.

However, surfing through the abundance of options & choosing the best Ikea desk for gaming might be somewhat tricky. Here enter us to help you out with this!

After determining to purchase an IKEA Gaming Desk, there are few factors you should look at because each model is designed with the vision of satisfying the consumer.

As there are different priorities of the gamers, you should check some essential aspects on your own.

Size of The Room

Let's take one step at a time and filter all of the essentials to find the absolute best. You should measure the room before purchasing the table.

Otherwise, 'the wrong pick' will ruin your day (because of the exchanging policy), even your money.

A typical desk takes up around 5-6 square feet area. So, decide on which side or corner you want to set it. Now, plan things accordingly.

Fix A Budget

Isn't it an obvious thing to fix in the first place?

After setting a budget, you can have a clear picture of the price range. However, some good quality desks demand a reasonable budget. You can go through different nearby markets, online stores to get an idea of it.

The price will vary according to the material quality and features. Due to not specifying the budget, some people often spend more than usual.

Don't be that guy! 


Yes, it is a crucial aspect to consider. Because the material of the product will decide how long the desk is going to serve you. Wood can be used in a table along with a silver finish.

IKEA prefers the best quality of wood as its primary material. You should evaluate if the tabletop is smooth enough and have a good texture on it.

Therefore, you will feel comfortable while playing.


Nobody wants their desk to be ugly, especially when they are spending good money on it.

Decide wisely among the different design of gaming desks, then check out some IKEA desks. There is some lucrative, relatively simple looking table available in their product lineup.

When you are a PC gamer, you would love a unique-looking design accompanied by a simplistic outlook. However, you should pick a design without compromising the quality of the product.


Do not overlook the height of your entire setup. Because gamers often experience abnormal physical conditions like back pain, neck pain, discomfort in the shoulder, and many more.

This situation occurs when the desk's height, the keyboard's location, and the seat's height are not compatible.

To solve this problem, you can go for an adjustable seat and set that correspondingly.


You can find several numbers of desk type for gaming. Each of them has different designs and a variety of features. Regardless of your taste, you will likely find the best Ikea computer desk for you.

A. L-Shaped Desks

This kind of desk is for those who want to set the gaming station in the corner space. It will be the total utilization of space as well.

But it would help if you were concern about the assembling of the desk. The L-shaped table makes the most out of even a smaller corner space. It will facilitate the comfort of movement while gaming.

B. U-Shaped Desks

Many gamers use a dual monitor and bulky setup. Because of that, the desk has to retain the ability to hold everything in suitable places.

Here are these U-Shaped Desks to serve your purpose.

C. Standard Shape Desks

Standard desks are one of the desired types in the market of gaming desks. Along with the simplistic design, these are economical also. Nonetheless, these tables can be used for several purposes.

How to Take Care of Your Ikea Desks

Among several furniture types, desks are probably one of the simplest yet sophisticated things in any household.

After purchasing a desk, it becomes a duty to keep it neat and tidy. As Ikea desks are quite common to find in office and houses, taking care of those are a challenge.

Whenever you are done with your work, take good care of the desk; thus, it will remain clean and give you a positive vibe. So, how to do that?

Take Care of Solid Wood Desk

Caring for wood furniture depends on the quality and types of wood. When it comes to Ikea's wood desk, there are few things you can do to keep it clean and fresh. The more wood ages, the more it requires care to enhance its longevity.

There are few things to keep in mind while cleaning a wood desk. While doing the regular cleaning, avoid using turpentine or vinegar because these will make the wood darker.

However, you can use dishwashing soap to cleanse the surface of the table. Use a soft piece of cloth and wipe the desk.

Best Ikea desks are usually made of wood. In wooden desks, there must be some areas where access is a bit tough. For such troubles, you can use an old toothbrush to clean those areas.

If you want to keep the glossy finish for the long run, consider using quality paste wax. Here you can also use a soft piece of cloth to rub the wood surface.

Many people feel clueless about stubborn stains of cold or hot drinks. Well, a simple hack for those stains is to use toothpaste on the stain.

Simply by applying the toothpaste and rubbing it with a soft cloth, you will soon see the difference.

Care For laminate Desk

A laminate desk is all about a thin layer of synthetic materials. It has a gentle shine on the body.

This desk may give the appearance of actual wood, but the reality is different. A laminate desk can be modified as it's not real wood in the end.

When your room is decorated with such a desk, you must care for it. If the desk has stains on it, use regular soap to wipe that up.

More tricky marks may require mild soap and a piece of cloth; after that, leave the desk to get completely dry. However, please do not use such a chemical that has ammonia or bleach in it.

Care For Glass Desk

Glasses are delicate items yet enhance the outlook of a product by a mile. This elegant and traditional piece of thing makes space look bigger.

To keep them shiny and smoother look, there is no way but to clean in regular intervals. As glasses are great fingerprint magnets, there will be marks of fingers and even layer of dust and dirt on the surface.

Getting rid of such things may be difficult sometimes. Here, you can use a good quality glass cleaner.

Avoid placing sharp items like a knife, razor blades, etc., on the glass. Those will leave cracks on the surface.

 Remember, cleaning the fragile glass can be accidental. So, do it as safely as possible!

Care For Metal desk

Unlike other desks, metal desks can get rust. So it may seem sturdy, but without proper care, even the metal desk can go bad.

Few materials have been using by the manufacturing companies. Among those, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel are comparatively popular.

If the desk got scratches, it is better to paint it rather than remove it. Thus you can prevent it from getting rust on it.

Vinegar can be a solution for stains as well. Metal cleaning chemicals are also proven for better results. For regular cleaning, dishwashing soap and a piece of cloth are also an effective combo.

When it's about MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)

Medium-density fiberboard is a kind of material that comes out from the factory after a composite process. Unlike wood desk, MDF is way cheaper yet durable enough to satisfy you.

But with this sort of desk, you have to be extra careful about the liquid. If water or any liquid spills on the tabletop, then immediately wipe it. The moisture will damage the desk from the inside once you overlook it.

You can use mild oil soap to clean the tabletop.

Treat Your Desk as A Luxury Item!

It may sound silly, after all. Well, you know what, that works.

What do we do without precious goods/furniture? Like an expensive car or chandelier?

We take good care of them. No matter in what condition we live, we look after them carefully. But to be honest, it requires time to pay such a level of attention. However, with an Ikea desk, things are a bit different.

It demands less time but gives you more than that.

Tips To Care More!

Taking care of a desk sometimes can be complicated as you have to change the way of cleaning with the type of the desk.

But some mainstream hacks can always save your day -

  • Do not keep your desk in direct sunlight. Because sunlight will change the look of the table with direct heat. If you have no option but to keep it that way, use curtains when you are not around the table.
  •  Do dusting regularly. At least once a week. Thus, your table will look clean and young!
  • Maintain your wood desk with polish and wax. These can protect the furniture from scratch, and even it will add an extra layer to the surface.
  • When you have a wood antique table, then consider them cleaning frequently.
  • If you apply oily soap on the laminate sheet, it will attract dust. So try to avoid it.
  • Metal desk can be washed outdoor when it's sunny.
  • Use an all-in-one cleaning agent for your MDF desk.
  • Regular soap and soft cloth can be a lifesaver for cleaning any desk. But be careful about wood and MDF desks.

FAQs About Ikea Gaming Desk

Are Ikea desks good for gaming?

As one of the best furniture brands, Ikea desks come with unique features and are fantastic in every way. However, Ikea gaming desks don't get as much attention as their other products.

The Ikea desks are mostly wooden structures with a compact design. Most of them are multi-purpose and are equally suitable for gaming.

With its minimalistic yet innovative design, they manage to keep your workstation as tidy as possible.

The small desks fit right just about anywhere and give you enough space to meet all your needs.

Is a gaming desk necessary?

The straightforward answer is yes. A gaming desk is crucial for maintaining a good body posture and helps to keep your space organized.

Not only that, but it also provides you a comfortable position to spend multiple hours of the day.

It won't be wrong to say that a gaming desk can increase your gameplay ability. How?

Let us evaluate; it keeps all your equipment in the right places and always gives you a clear tabletop space, which increases your focus as a gamer and increases productivity.

So, to play games sitting in a comfortable arrangement for several hours, a gaming desk is a must.

Are gaming desks worth it?

Well, that depends on your gaming setup and what type of gamer you are. As an actual game lover, a gaming desk can be the best use of your money to get a full-on gaming experience.

A gaming desk can also enhance your professional gaming outlook keeping your set up neat and tidy. A compact gaming desk can also be a seamless furniture addition to your home.

However, if you don't care about games that much, a typical computer desk is more than enough.

Final Words

To sum up, whether you are a hardcore gamer or someone who works from home, you need the right desk for your computer and other gadgets.

However, deciding on the right kind of desks may not be the easiest task. You need to shed light on your purpose, the desk's material, its assembly, and so much more.

While all the tables on our list of best Ikea desk for gaming promise good quality performance, make sure to go through their reviews before making a purchase decision!

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